[school] Donate Life Campaign

The Donate Life organization’s goal is to increase the number of organ donors. They have had trouble reaching younger people and were looking for campaign ideas to reach the 18-30 year old demographic.

Target Audience:

Those between ages of 18-30.

The client wanted:

To create a feeling of comfortability and assurance for a younger generation that may be ill-informed about organ donations. We want to let people know that they can save lives without compromising their own health or life. One of the main misconceptions about organ donation is that by donating organs, we are completely giving up our rights and possibly risking less medical help by being an organ donor.


  1. Creating a social media campaign that emphasizes the safeness of donating organs. Creating the hashtag, #YouFirstDonateSecond. By using this hashtag, it will reinforce the fact that your safety comes first and that secondly you can also donate. People can also add emojis with the hashtag that help to emphasize the support for organ donors!
  2. Creating a social media campaign targeted specifically at young people. This campaign will target young people who are donors to post something about being a donor. Young donors will post a picture on their Instagram story with the hashtag #ISupportOrgans. Social media is a great platform to reach a younger audience. If young people see that others are donors, it will create a buzz.
  3. People draw a picture of a red heart and post the picture on their Instagram story. The red heart will be in support of Connect Life. In addition to posting the red heart, a link will be included with the post to click on to learn more about donating organs. This red heart will circulate online and hopefully create a buzz for organ donations and help to clarify misconceptions by linking on the link.

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